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TOWER & PEDESTAL FLOOR FANS                                   Use the scroll bar (right) to see all fans

 Create a quiet fresh breeze with an oscillating tower fan

A stylish tower fan can provide the welcome relief you crave from the unpleasantly oppressive atmosphere endured in a room on a hot summer’s day.

The lengthy vent running all the way down a floorstanding tower fan ensures an extensive distribution of air around your room as the device quietly oscillates for a 90 degrees angle.

Many tower fans come with removable air filters which reduce the spread of dust and pollen and some have an ioniser feature for air purification. Timers are a handy feature on tower fans to allow you to set an operating time from a few minutes to several hours. This means you can set the fan to turn itself off after a set period of use.

There are available in various finishes including toughened plastic, polycarbonate, chrome and stainless steel, and many colour options are available including black, white, silver, grey, cream, blue, red, purple, pink and yellow.

These fans house an impeller which has a series of blades which move air along the main tower column and out of the vents on the front of the unit.

Unlike air conditioners and evaporative coolers, these devices don’t actually cool the air in a room as they have no water or coolant chemicals inside their structure - instead they create a wind chill effect with their spinning blades.

You must never spray these fans with water and they should be positioned in a dry location for optimum performance. A can of compressed air is useful for blowing away dust that invariably builds up on the fan’s panels.

A cheap tower fan, with basic features, will cost around  £20 to £40, while a deluxe model with a host of high-tech features will cost up to £100. If you want to really splash out, you could consider buying an innovative Dyson bladeless tower fan which will set you back almost £300. This state-of-the-art fan features Dyson's 'Air Multiplier' technology which ensures uninterrupted and smooth airflow, with no buffeting.

You may also wish to consider buying a pedestal fan - these trusty devices have been around for decades and are a popular choice in homes and workplaces throughout the UK. Their adjustable stands allows the fan head to be positioned higher to enable air to be circulated over a larger area, making them ideal for extensive spaces such as offices, restaurants, halls and big conservatories.

Single speed and multi-speed models are available and they work best when placed pointing outwards in the corner of a room. Pedestal fans can be set on oscillate mode to swing the head of the unit or left in a static position.

Our tower and pedestal fans are brought to by reputable UK shopping giant Amazon. Many other online stores sell them these days including Machine Mart, Homebase, B&Q, Tesco, Argos, John Lewis, Amazon, eBay, Wilko, Electric Shopping, Ryman, Tooled Up and Screwfix.

Tower and Pedestal Oscillating Fans

A tower fan is a slim and sleek alternative to an air cooler - and we have some great deals from UK stores.

We feature an impressive range of oscillating tower fans in various sizes and styles, as well as many traditional floor-standing pedestal fans.

Most tower fans oscillate 90 degrees on a base stand as they efficiently circulate air around a room of office.

A remote control is a useful feature with many tower fans and some come with a timer which lets you set the device to switch off automatically after a set period.

You'll find all the leading brand names here including Bionaire, Igenix, Fine Elements, Prem-i-Air, Blyss, Sealey, Dyson, Beldray and Honeywell.

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