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Air Coolers
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 An evaporative cooler is low on maintenance and big on results!

An evaporative air cooler - often referred to as a swamp or desert cooler - does as its name literally says ... it cools the air by the evaporation of water.

They are able to cool the air in a room by around 5° to 15°F below the existing ambient temperature in a room, which is normally completely satisfactory for most people who become uncomfortable when the mercury is rising rapidly

They are available in small, medium and large sizes and a range of tasteful colours including black, white, grey, silver, beige, chrome, blue and red.

These devices, which are normally fitted with castors or wheels to enable them to be moved around easily, are not effective in rooms with high humidity, unlike a portable air conditioner which can control humidity and provide more comfortable conditions - it can effectively 'condition' the air, hence its name.

The benefits of an air cooler include the fact they are cheaper to run than air conditioners, do not require a cumbersome vent hose and have no installation costs. This makes them the best option of cooling for many families in the UK.

An evaporative air cooler has two main parts - a fan and a water pump - whereas an air conditioning units has four main parts, namely a condenser, compressor, evaporator and expansion valve.

These coolers blow air through a curtain of water. The cooled air is then expelled into a room. Most air coolers have a tank or container in the top or rear where ice cubes or blocks can be added to speed up the cooling process.

This type of cooler doesn't dry out the air in a room, unlike an air conditioning unit, and they are very easy to operate and often come with a remote control and a timer unit.

Evaporative coolers are believed to offer health benefits too - they filter the air in a room which is drawn into the device and proceed to trap dust, pollen and other airborne agents in the cooling pads and filters. A supply of fresh and humidified air is then expelled from the unit back into a room. This rejuvenated air can be beneficial to asthma sufferers and can help prevent dry eyes and throats.

Evaporative air cooling is growing in a big way in the UK, both in the domestic sector or in the commercial and industrial market. Some experts claim climate change has been responsible in part for this growth as people look for a low-cost, efficient and environmentally-friendly method to cool down their surroundings in homes, workshops, offices, warehouses, factories, hotels, pubs and other buildings.

The appeal of an evaporative cooler over an air conditioner - on cost grounds alone - is obvious. The devices themselves are around half that of a portable air conditioning unit and running costs can be more than 75% less than the cost of operating an air conditioner.

Evaporative Air Coolers

An evaporative air cooler is an affordable option for providing a constant flow of refreshing air in a hot and stuffy room.

These devices are cheaper than running an air conditioning unit and they can be easily wheeled from room to room.

Water is pumped from a reservoir in the unit and passed over a cooling pad - air is then drawn into the unit by a fan and cooled by evaporation as it passes over the damp pad. It’s a very simple but effective process.

We feature several top quality evaporative coolers from leading brand names including Symphony, Honeywell, Igenix. EcoAir, UltraCool and Edgestar.

Prices range from under £80 for a cheap cooler to more than £800 for an extra large commercial evaporative cooler with state-of-the-art built in features.

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