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 A trusty desk or wall fan may be enough for your needs

An affordable desk or wall fan can come to the rescue when you are trying to endure stuffy and uncomfortable conditions in your home or working environment.

Desk fans have the benefit of being able to move around easily, unlike wall or ceiling fans. They can also be positioned near to a window to all them to draw in more fresh air.

Wall, desk or table fans are perfect for creating localised cooling in a small area and they are available in many sizes, styles and colours including white, black, red, grey, green, pink and blue. The most popular blade sizes are 6 inches, 9",12" and 16".

These fans are a cheap option when it comes to getting some relief from uncomfortable conditions on a warm day and create a wind chill effect, even though they really only re-circulate warm air, rather than cool it - but they can't really compete with more expensive cooling devices such as portable evaporative air coolers and air conditioning units in really hot weather.

Most electric desk or table fans are height adjustable so you position just the way you want and they usually have multiple speed and oscillation settings for your convenience. Some desk fans are powered by USB or battery but these are significantly less powerful than main powered devices.

Wall fans are very popular and are available to buy in many different styles and sizes. They are very quiet when running and often come with a remote control, although most have a pull down cord to turn them on and off.

They are relatively cheap to buy, with most costing around £25 to £50 and they are easy to fit if you have basic DIY skills. Various colours are available including white, black, cream, grey, blue and purple.

We also feature a range of hand-held battery-powered cooler fans which are ideal for taking on holiday or using in your garden on a warm day.

Safety is obviously a concern with desk fans - many will have a protective grill casing to cover the blades, but some don't and these devices must be kept safely away from the reach of children.

An innovative idea is the misting fan, which looks similar to a standard desk or pedestal fan - but with an important difference. These fans come with an attached water tank or can be connected to a garden hose.

They employ the cooling power of evaporating water, meaning there is no detrimental impact on the environment. Handheld battery-operated misting fans, containing a mini water tank, are a popular choice with holiday makers.

You'll find all the leading brand names here for desk and wall fans including Swan, Dyson, Sealey, Prem-i-air, Pro-Elec, Challenge, Beldary, Bionaire, Sentik, Q-Connect, Lloytron and Draper.

Our fans are brought to you by leading UK online shopping giant Amazon. Many other office supplies and electrical stores sell them these days including B&Q, John Lewis, Argos, Tmart, Tesco Direct, Marks & Spencer, eBay, Wilko, Go Electrical, UK Tool Store, Lakeland, Sonic Direct, Staples. Electric Shopping and Ryman.

Desk, Wall and Mini Hand Cooler Fans

Desk and wall fans have been around for decades and have been a popular choice in the UK for people seeking a cheap option for a bit of welcome relief from muggy conditions on a warm day.

Admittedly they won’t been anywhere near as effective on a really hot day as a more expensive portable air conditioner or evaporative air cooler - but they can certainly make conditions more comfortable on less warm days.

Most desk and wall fans operate with the traditional spinning blades system - but innovative alternatives have been making a big impression recently including the Dyson bladeless 12-inch desk fan.

Whether you are looking for a small, medium or large desk or wall fan, you're sure to find something that appeals to your taste and budget here.

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