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Air Coolers
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Air Coolers under £100

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You don't need to spend a small fortune to get an air cooler up and running in your home or workplace.

They are some excellent evaporative coolers in this budget price range which are more than capable of meeting your needs when it comes to cooling you down.

These units are real lifesavers in an office or home environment when warm weather and high humidity makes conditions uncomfortable and stuffy.

Most evaporative coolers are on castors or wheels so they can be moved from room to room easily. The fact they have no installation costs is another bonus.

We also feature tower fans and pedestal fans which can cool you down on a warm day - but an evaporative cooler is a more effective choice during really hot weather.

 Switch on an air cooler and enjoy the refreshing benefits

On a hot and muggy day it really hard to concentrate if you are at work and also uncomfortable if you are simply trying to relax in comfort at home.

That's when an evaporative air cooler really comes into its own - switch it on and in no time you will be be feeling cooler, refreshed and much more comfortable.

And the way an air cooler operates means you won't experience dry skin and itchy eyes, the undesirable effects often associated with a more expensive air conditioning unit.

The portability of these devices makes it a breeze to move them around your house - whether you choose to use one in a living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, conservatory, hallway or even in your garage.

An air cooler is a superb device for getting a room at the ideal temperature during hot weather. Water is stored in a tank in the cooler and this supplies filter  pads which hot air is drawn through, cooled and then expelled back into the room.

They operate to optimum performance when the humidity level in a room is low and the temperature is hot. They are very affordable, portable, have no installation costs and don't need a hose vent to expel heat through a window or wall.

Most air coolers have a range of speed settings, giving you full control over the device at a timer to enable you to set the best period for the cooler to operate if you are away from the room. Many come with a remote control unit for ease of use.

The larger an air cooler's tank, the longer the unit will run before needing to be refilled.

Featured brand names in this price range include Igenix, Sealey, Beldray, Prem-I-Air,Convair, Honeywell and Bionaire.

Some people opt for air conditioner instead of an evaporative air cooler, but these are not cheap to buy and are generally more expensive than other types of air cooler - you’ll find some great deals for these air conditioning units, which operate with an attached vent hose which is positioned out of a window, in our air coolers over £100 range.

If you are on a tight budget a tower fan, floor-standing oscillating pedestal fan or even a large desk fan might be adequate for your needs - these can keep you cool on a warm day but they won’t be anywhere near as effective as an evaporative cooler or air conditioner. This is because they merely re-circulate the warm air in a room, rather than actually cooling it down in the device before sending it back into the surrounding area.