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Air Coolers
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 An air cooler offers instant relief from feeling hot and bothered!

Whether you opt to buy an portable evaporative air cooler or a mobile air conditioner is down to personal choice - but one thing’s for sure … both devices are successful at tackling those uncomfortable and unpleasant conditions you experience during a spell of hot weather.

An evaporative air cooler is a cost effective and efficient device for cooling down indoor space in your home or work. They are quite simple in the way their and work and get the results you desire by drawing warm air from a room into the unit and then passing it across a series of water-moistened pads. The invigorated and cooled air is then expelled and re-circulated around a room, cooling the overall temperature down as a result.

The air which has been cooled by evaporation creates a cooling effect similar to when you splash water on your skin on a hot and sunny day.

Evaporative coolers are very compact and portable and often come with a remote control which lets you operate the unit with ease and also allows you to activate features and set the cooler to operate at specific times of the day or night.

These coolers are less expensive to buy, cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly than mobile air conditioning units. But you may feel an air conditioner is a better option for you? They certainly have advantages which are worth considering

Portable air conditioner units are very effective at cooling a room down and operate with an attached vent exhaust hose which draws hot air out of a window or other outlet, such as an opening in a ceiling. Some units have dual hoses - the extra hose draws air into the unit from outside to cool down the condenser coil and compressor and the air is then removed from the room via the other vent hose. These double hose units eliminate the potential to create a negative air scenario in a room - as can happen with single hose units - and they also cool a room down significantly faster. Portable air con units use a compressor and a coolant liquid which is widely believed to make them more effective than water-filled evaporative coolers. There are many other air conditioner features which make them an efficient and appealing option indeed.

Evaporative coolers and air conditioners really come into their own when we have very hot weather in the UK - which, sadly, is not as often as some people would like due to our unpredictable climate.

However, on the basis we more often experience warm weather during the summer in the UK - rather than very hot and uncomfortable weather - you may feel a cheap, but good quality tower fan or oscillating pedestal fan will be more than capable of meeting your needs. Always take time  to read a few customer reviews of coolers before making a purchase.

These are very simple to operate and just need to be switched on and off as when conditions warrant - they don't require vent hoses or water reservoirs to be filled up, as it the case with portable air conditioning units and evaporative air coolers.

Air Coolers over £100

There are some excellent evaporative air coolers and portable air conditioners for sale in this price range to keep you cool in hot weather.

Air coolers do not use any coolant gases or substances, so they are more environmentally friendly than air conditioners. They operate at about a fifth of the power consumption of air conditioning units, so you won't be hit as hard in the pocket when it comes to paying electricity bills.

Evaporative coolers are fairly simple devices which use a pump and fan which sends air across water-cooled pads to reduce room temperature. Air conditioners, however, use a vent hose to expel hot air out of a window or ceiling outlet.

During the summer is can be stifling in a home or workplace, trying to remain cool on a warm summer’s day - that’s when a good quality air cooler can really come into its own - providing the relief from the discomfort you experience when opening windows and doors just doesn’t do the job safisfactorily.

There’s more information on the pros and cons of  evaporative air cooler vs air conditioner in our buying advice section.