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Air Coolers
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Benefits of buying a Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

The traditional evaporative air cooler is the device of choice for many people throughout the UK - it has several advantages over the more-expensive option of running an air-conditioning unit in the home or workplace.

These popular devices provide a a welcome flow of cool and refreshing air into an otherwise hot and uncomfortable environment.

Their portability is an important factor and they require no installation costs or the attachment of awkward vent hoses, unlike air conditioners.

Here are a few of the advantages worth bearing in mind if you are considering buying an air cooler, also commonly known as a swamp cooler or desert cooler.

• Water is the only refrigerant in a standard air cooler - no gases or substances used which could have a detrimental impact on the environment. More environmentally friendly than air conditioning alternatives

• Very simple to operate and requires minimal maintenance - does not require a compressor which consumes a lot of power in air conditioning units

• Can humidify the air in particularly dry areas

• Economical - uses about one eighth of the amount of electricity as an conditioning unit, making it a very cost effective choice

• No need for a vent hose and other accessories associated with air conditioning units

• Health - some models can help people who have issues with allergies or respiratory problems

• Power consumption is limited to a water pump and fan - there is no compressor required which uses most the power in an air conditioner

• Very portable and mobile - most have wheels or castors to enable them to be easily be moved to another room

• Usually a cheaper option than buying an expensive air conditioner

• Compact and lighter than most air con units, allowing them to be placed unobtrusively in a room setting

• Totally naturally process of cooling air by use of water - therefore an evaporative air cooler won’t dry out the air, unlike an air conditioner

• Air is never re-circulated - therefore airborne germs and smells are expelled